Welcome to LaserBook, the home of sports betting enthusiasts. Please read these terms carefully before using our site as they will facilitate your experience on our platform.

1. Acceptance of Terms

By accessing or using our website, you acknowledge that you have read, understood and accepted these Terms & Conditions together with our Privacy Policy as well as other relevant agreements available herein.

2. Eligibility

2.1 Age: You must be 18 years old or over in order to use our Services. We may need you to provide proof of age if we suspect you are underage.

2.2 Compliance with Local Laws: You are responsible for ensuring that your jurisdiction allows use of the Service and complies with all applicable laws.

3. Account Registration and Verification

3.1 Account Creation: To access our services you need to register through the website accurately filling up information required at registration form.

3.2. Identity Verification: Identifications and utility bills might be requested as part of the procedure to verify who you are. You may terminate its operations if you don’t comply.

4. Deposits and Withdrawals

4.1. Available Methods: We offer safe ways of depositing and withdrawing funds such as credit/debit cards, bank transfer, E-Wallets and prepaid cards.

4.2. Transaction Limits: The amount you can deposit or withdraw might be limited by method used or account type.

4.3. Transaction Fees: Some transactions such as this one may attract certain fees; this will be indicated to you beforehand.

5. Betting Rules and Conduct

5.1 Understanding the Rules: Before placing your bet make sure you understand how it works, the odds given for it and the way payouts are made.

5.2 Betting Limits: Limits on bets depend on type, event and market.

5.3 Prohibited Activities: Engaging in fraudulent or breaching the rules results in immediate closure without notice.

6. Responsible Gambling

6.1 Self-Exclusion: Self-exclusion options are available to help manage your gambling behavior here at our site whereby you can request a temporary or permanent ban from using your account or set limit(s).

6.2 Support and Resources: In case of any gambling issues, we provide resources for support purposes.

7. Account Security and Privacy

7.1 Keeping Your Account Secure : It is important to keep your security details secure at all times to avoid unauthorized access of your account by anyone .

7 Personal Information : Your privacy is observed while handling personal information kept with us as per our privacy policy ; please go through it for more information .

8.Termination or Suspension of Account

8.1 Account Termination : We reserve the right to terminate any account without giving any justifiable reasons, including violation of these terms .

8.2Account Suspension : Temporary suspension may happen when there is suspicion or investigation for violation.

9. Intellectual Property

9.1 Using Our Logos and Trademarks: Our logos, trademarks cannot be used by any person or group of people without our written consent.

9.2 Personal Use Only: For non-commercial purposes only and nothing else you are allowed to browse our website as well as its content .

10. User Responsibilities

10.1 Providing Accurate Information: You must provide accurate information when signing up and if you do not we can suspend or terminate your account immediately .

10.2 Account Security : Your login details should remain private between you and yourself alone; never allow somebody to use your account at all costs . You take full responsibility for your actions on the site .

10.3 Updating Contact Information: In case there is any change in your contact information, please let us know so that there can be effective communication taking place.

11.Betting Policies

11.1 Odds and Payouts: We make every effort to ensure that the correct odds are quoted, but errors may occur from time to time . We reserve the right to amend such odds bets to be settled according to new set off odds pending on occurrence of an event.

11.2 Canceled Events: If an event gets canceled or postponed a bet made on such an event might become void so new odds may be settled upon evaluation of these events.

11.3 Customer Support: In case you have any inquiries or questions kindly liaise with our customer service team directly who will help you accordingly.

11.4 No Abusive Behavior: If abusive language is directed at staff members or other customers, this may result in the suspension of the concerned account.

12.Dispute Resolution

12.1 Resolving Disputes: In case of disputes either on betting activities or any other issue get in touch with our customer care center for help .We will investigate promptly and respond within acceptable timelines

12.2 Arbitration: If a dispute has not been resolved it shall be settled by arbitration in accordance with the laws of our jurisdiction.

13.Bonuses and Promotions

13.1 Promotional Terms: These promotions and bonuses are governed by specific terms and conditions. Therefore, please read them carefully before taking part.

13.2 RESPONSIBLE USE OF BONUS : Gambling is a verb for bonuses and meant for fun. The consequence of any misconduct or deceit is suspension from the account.


14.1 NOTICE OF CHANGES: We can modify our terms and conditions at any time without your knowledge. They will be communicated to you.

14.2 ACCEPTANCE OF CHANGES: If you continue making use of our services after such modifications have been made, then it means that you are in agreement with the new terms and conditions.


15.1 TERMINATION PROCESS: We may cease being in operation at any time without prior warning to our clients. In such cases, we shall try to pay out all outstanding bets and deal with finances adequately.

15.2 LIMITATION OF LIABILITY: We will not accept responsibility if there are service brakes due to unforeseen circumstances or maintenance among others.


16.1 DISCLAIMER: This platform does not guarantee the trustworthiness, accuracy, or completeness of its service delivery model; hence, use it at your own peril.

16.2 INDEMNIFICATION: So as from your utilization of this service platform or any violation based on these provisions, you hereby agree to keep us harmless against any claims; liabilities; demands; proceedings; charges; expenses and/or costs whatsoever which might arise therefrom or otherwise connected therewith.

17. Governing Law and Jurisdiction

17.1 Legal Applicability: These terms are regulated by the legal jurisdiction of our registration.

17.2 Dispute Resolution: All arguments arising from these terms shall be decided in courts located in the jurisdiction where LaserBook is registered.